Katharine’s Story

Originally from Sydney, I live in Victoria, Australia. I have always loved glass. As a young girl I had an extensive glass bead collection, which I treasured. I spent many hours going through them and studying the details of the hand painting, wondering about the colours and the different textures. Over the years I have collected sea glass, antique glass vessels, art deco light fittings and all manner of glass objects. In 2010 after having my first beautiful boy I decided to formalize this passion and went to TAFE to study all the techniques of working with glass, gaining a Certificate III from Holmesglen Institute of TAFE. During this course I learned a number of techniques: lead lighting, copper foil, sandblasting, some casting, fusing and slumping. This is where my passion started to feel like it could become a creative life where I could run my studio and look after my boys. After having my second beautiful boy I decided that my grand loves – apart from the boys – in terms of technique were fusing, slumping and sandblasting.


I love the elemental nature of glass. It is complex when firing to temperatures in excess of 800 degrees and when the work is finished it is inherently beautiful. It is a material that has given us so much as humans. It is intrinsic to cities, it has allowed us to stand inside and look out, it can hold water (and wine), it can make candlelight more special, it can do all kinds of beautiful and important things that no other material can. In my studio I want to make beautiful things that encourage us to think, but also that allow us to meditate on simple form and a beautiful material.


I have spent a lifetime being fascinated by light. In particular I want to explore the way that glass and light work together to make beauty. After a career in analytical work, I have decided to devote my life to creating objects that are truly beautiful, crafted from the very best materials and made by hand. No two will be identical. Each and every piece will be unique – a product of nature, ancient techniques, technology and passion. The idea is that anything I make will be designed to bring joy and beauty to its user. I want to use light to make beauty.


Artist Statement

I am standing on a rock. It is sandstone. The sun is in my eyes, but only through the reflection of the water. The water is clear. I can see the sand through the water. It is deep, but not so deep, I can’t see the bottom. It moves as if it is heavy but sure. The sand is a creamy yellow. Moving ever so slightly as the swell pushes the water around. I look up and see pine trees. Norfolk pines. They are dark green. I can see how they feel with their soft spikey branches. The water makes a miniscule sound of pushing the sandstone as it laps at my feet. The air is soft. It is gentle, like it wants to be kind. To gently wrap its arms around me. The light is soft but clear. The sky is a glowing pure blue. Everything feels clean and calm. Even the salt in the water is just right. I know this place. It knows me. I am safe here. I jump.