Current Collections & Projects

Circularity 1-9

My recent collection, Circularity 1-9. It is a study of the circle. Every single cut of every piece of glass was made using the same radius. It was a test of what is possible, by restraining design ideas. The goals was to create simple harmonious pieces that were all connected to each other by geometry and colour. Every single piece is connected to every other piece. Like we are.


This collection was exhibited at The Brunswick Street Gallery, 322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy from December 11 – January 21, 2017.

Public Art Commission, Perth

I am currently working as a glass specialist with James Tapscott (Lighting Artist) www. on a public art commission in Perth. This project requires the use of historically significant glass samples excavated from the site. This image of the site shows the glass suspended in resin fins to form an arcade.