Katharine Oliver is an artist, designer and anthropologist. She works with glass from her studio and workshop. Katharine is interested both in glass as a material and glass as an object of beauty. Her work is focused on demonstrating the distinctive beauty of glass through the use of geometry and light. As an anthropologist she has spent much of her life trying to understand relationships and connections that are valuable to humans.


Through glass and geometry, Katharine makes objects that are both useful and designed to make explicit the beauty of glass. She is interested in how human perspective can be altered by alternate ways of seeing.  The potential of humans to alter their perspective through understanding drives Katharine to continue to push her work in new ways. Katharine has qualifications in glass, cultural anthropology and business. Her work includes architectural installations, lights, plates and sometimes jewelry.


Katharine is committed to creating objects and pieces that are hand-crafted. She hopes to highlight the unique nature of glass by using it to create everyday objects that are unlike any other.



Certificate III Glass Holmesglen Institute of TAFE 2012.

PhD Culture, cultural policy and economics. (The University of Melbourne) – deferred.

Bachelor of Arts Honours (Anthropology) – First Class 2003 (Australian National University)

Bachelor of Arts (Cultural Anthropology) 2001 (Macquarie University)

Bachelor of Business (Marketing) 1992 (University of Technology, Sydney)