Architectural Installations

Circles and Light

Katharine Oliver

The glass panels that make up the artwork in The Eastern Hub café are designed to allow people to think about the circle as a simple shape. Using geometry, the artist hopes to encourage café visitors to consider perspective and how it affects what we see.


Using geometry the artist has created a series of similar circles that appear different through the use of colour and light.  The purpose of this technique is to demonstrate that the way we look at things determines our understanding. Looking at something in a new way can generate a new perspective.


Geometry as an ancient science creates the possibility for reason. Humans have the capacity to change what they see if they think about alternate ways of seeing. This requires reason and understanding. Reason rather than judgment allows us to see things in a way that generates insight. By using a simple circle and creating a series of different views, the piece hopes to question the idea that there is no single way of understanding.


Katharine Oliver is a local Geelong artist and designer. She is an anthropologist, and has worked in senior management operational and marketing roles in business and higher education. She is committed to the idea that as humans we are capable of seeing things in new and alternate ways if we choose to. Committed to equity and diversity, Katharine has donated in excess of two hundred hours work to the Eastern Hub project because of the value she places on The Hub as a venue. She hopes that people will be able to enjoy the handcrafted nature of her work. This is a one of a kind piece. Every piece of it from design to installation is handcrafted in Katharine’s studio in East Geelong. All of Katharine’s work is either limited run or one of a kind.